What is Gravure Printing and Laminated Materials Film ?

Gravure printing is a high-quality printing process that uses a metal plate cylinder with recessed cells to transfer ink onto plastic film or other substrates. The ink is transferred from the cells to the material, creating the desired image or pattern.In the case of laminated material films, gravure printing is commonly used for packaging and labeling purposes. The process involves printing the desired design or information onto a thin plastic film,often call as outer film, or face film, such as BOPP, PET and PA,  which is then laminated to create a layered structure.The film used in gravure printing for laminated materials is typically made of a composite material, such as a combination of plastic and aluminum foil. The combination can be PET+Aluminum foil+PE, 3 Layers or PET+PE, 2 layers,  This composite laminated film provides durability, offers barrier properties to prevent moisture or air penetration, and enhances the overall look and feel of the packaging. During the gravure printing process, the ink is transferred from the engraved cylinders onto the film surface. The engraved cells hold the ink, and a doctor blade removes the excess ink from the non-image areas, leaving only the ink in the recessed cells. The film passes over the cylinders and comes into contact with the inked cells, which transfer the ink to the film. This process is repeated for each color. For example, when there are 10 colors required for the design, there will be 10 cylinders needed. The film will run over all these 10 cylinders . Once the printing is complete, the printed film is then laminated with other layers (such as adhesive, other films, or paperboard) to create a multi-layered structure. The printing face will be laminated with other film, which means the printed area is kept in the middle, between 2 films, like the meat and vegetable in a sandwich. It will not contact the food from inside, and it will not be scratched away from outside. The laminated films can be used for various applications, including food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily-used products, any flexible packaging solutions.The combination of gravure printing and laminated materials film offers excellent print quality, durability, and enhanced product presentation, making it a popular choice in the packaging industry.


Outer film for Printing purpose, Inner film for heat-sealing purpose,
Middle film for barrier enhancing, light-proof.

Post time: Nov-22-2023