Sealed and Leak Proof Packaging Bags for Food Seasonings

Brand: GD
Item number: GD-8BP0001
Country of origin: Guangdong, China
Customised services: ODM/OEM
Printing Type: Gravure Printing
Payment method: L/C、Western Union、T/T


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Size: 120(W)x220(H)+65MM / customization
Material structure: Matt Bopp25+PET12+LDPE63
Thickness: 100μm
Colors: 0-10colors
MOQ: 20,000 PCS
Packing: Carton
Supply Capacity:300000 Pieces/Day
Production visualization services: Support
Logistics: Express delivery/ Shipping/ Land transportation/ Air transport

square bottom pouch (9)
square bottom pouch (12)
square bottom pouch (10)
square bottom pouch (11)

One of the key features of our food seasoning bags is their superior sealing capabilities. The zipper closure ensures your spices stay fresh and free from any contamination even during transportation or storage. In addition, our packaging bag design focuses on user experience. Easy to open and close, giving you easy access to your seasonings when you need them. The large opening also allows you to scoop out the exact amount of seasoning you need with precision and ease.

This bag is designed to keep out moisture, humidity, and odors. With our pouches, you can rest assured that your spices will retain their freshness, aroma and flavor for a long time.


The main feature of our food seasoning bags is their excellent sealing capabilities. The zipper closure ensures your spices stay fresh and free from any contamination even during transportation or storage. Our bags are airtight and leak-proof, providing a reliable and safe packaging solution for your food seasonings.

In addition to their sealing capabilities, our bags are designed with user experience in mind. The easy-open and close zipper closure gives you easy access to seasonings when you need them, while the large opening lets you scoop out exactly what you need for your recipe. This user-friendly design enhances the convenience and usability of our packaging, making it a practical and efficient choice for your products.

Additionally, our custom food seasoning bags can be tailored to meet your specific branding and design requirements. With gravure printing, we can create high-quality, vibrant and detailed artwork that effectively showcases your brand and products. Whether you're looking for a bold, eye-catching design or a more subtle, sophisticated look, our printing capabilities give you endless possibilities to bring your vision to life.

Our custom food seasoning bags are suitable for a variety of food products including spices, herbs, seasoning mixes and more. Whether you are a food manufacturer, supplier or retailer, our packaging solutions provide versatile and reliable options to showcase your products and engage your customers.

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Established in 2000, Gude Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. original factory, specializes in flexible plastic packaging, covering gravure printing, film laminating and bag making. Our company covers an area of 10300 square meters. We have high speed 10 colors gravure printing machines, solvent-free laminating machines and high speed bag-making machines. We can print and laminate 9,000kg of film per day in normal condition.


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We provide customized packaging solutions to the market.The packaging material supply can be Pre-made bag and/or film roll.Our main products cover a wide range of packaging bags such as flat bottom pouches, stand-up pouches, square bottom bags, zipper bags, flat pouches, 3 sides seal bags, mylar bags, special shape bags, back centre seal bags, side gusset bags and roll film.

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